ARod vs. Papi

    Eric Mack from stated that ARod was better in the clutch the Ortiz.  He cited ARod’s .300 avg with runners in scoring pos. w/ 2 outs versus ortiz’s .286.  What Eric Mack failed to realize was that clutch is more about late innings of close games than RISP.  In that category, Ortiz .900 OPS far surpasses ARod’s .600 OPS, and in late inning press with runners on (LIPRO), Ortiz’s OPS more than doubles Arods, and they both have over 20 ABs in that category.  Also, Arod has k’d 10 times in 28 AB’s in  LIPRO  , while ortiz has k’d twice in LIPRO.




    I am a Yankee, through and through. In fact, I live in Harlem within view of the Cathedral of Baseball all my life.

    So believe me when I say that ARod is great, but this season, Big Papi is a messiah!

    I’ll trade Arod for Papi in stripes anyday.

    But Papi or not, you guys are not going to win the AL East this year.

  2. Isaiah

    I fear you might be correct. Once the Yankees get Sheffield and Matsui back, they should be just about home free. I think most of the Sox’ hopes rest on Crisp Lester, Snyder, Wells, and Nixon/Pena. You know everybody else is either going to produce or not produce, but they are the big question marks.

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