July 27 – Coco Crisp improving

    After all the promises he made about improving, and all the slumps he has endured, Coco Crisp finally seems to be on the verge of erasing all doubt and finishing this year as strong as he played all of last.  After an 1-19 slump, Crisp has gone 8 for his last 17, raising his OBP from .315 to .325 in that span.  Despite the successes of Kevin Youkilis, if Crisp continues his hot hitting he probably will (and definitely should) take Youk’s spot as the Red Sox’ leadoff hitter. 
    Although Youk’s OBP is 75 points higher than Crisp’s, Crisp brings speed to the top of the lineup.  If this alone is not enough to justify Crisp as a leadoff hitter (and in all fairness, it shouldn’t be), consider this; Crisp’s OBP is .426 when he leads off an inning, while Youkilis’s OBP is a mere .361 when leading off. 
    Youk’s sub-par power (.450 SLG, not so great) and excellent OBP make him a perfect canidate to bat behind someone like Crisp.  Loretta could then move down to the eigth spot.  Loretta’s nack for hits (he has 125 this year – a .309 AVG) make him a logical choice to bat near the bottom of the lineup, when men are likely to be on base.  Pushing Youk to the bottom of the lineup would not make sense, however, because his high walk to hit ratio make him less of an RBI guy and more of a get-on-base-in-front-of-Manny-and-Ortiz guy.



  1. jimbo17_69@msn.com

    I think your right about the lineup. If Crisp starts and can get on base, he has the ability to steal.

    That should be intimidating to any pitcher if you have a guy on 2nd and no outs recorded.

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