Some Interesting Statistics

  • Ortiz SLG is over 1.000 in 33 ABs when he plays first base.
  • Manny is 17-34 vs. the Yankees with 5 HRs and a .581 OBP.
  • Beckett’s ERA vs. the Yankees is 10.80.
  • V-Tek’s OPS is .977 since the all star break.
  • No Yankee has gotten a hit off Papelbon (18 batters faced, 2 BB, 7 K).
  • Kyle Snyder has only issued five BBs, and four of them come in the fifth inning.  Batters are hitting .444 against him in the fifth, and .476 against him in the third.
  • Willie Moe Pena and Gabe Kapler both have slightly lower batting averages versus lefties than Nixon (.204 and .207 versus .213), and much higher averages versus righties (.394 and .389 versus .324).
  • Youkilis’s OBP is .528 with RISP and two outs in 40 ABs
  • ARod’s career OPS is .888.  Manny’s is 1.010
  • Jeter and Arod have committed a total of 27 errors.  The Red Sox’ entire starting lineup has committed 16 errors.
  • Youkilis has a higher OBP(.355) than SLG(.346) since the all star break


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