June 29 – Angels (Weaver, 7-0, 1.15) @ Red Sox (Beckett 13-5, 4.77) 1:20 PM

1:19 The Red Sox get their first look at Jared Weaver, who has already become the first pitcher to win their first seven major league decisions.  The Red Sox pitcher, Josh Beckett, goes for win #14 today, and has posted a 4.77 ERA so far this year.  Weaver’s ERA is an outstanding 1.15.

1:57 2-1 Angels bottom of the second.  Hopefully we can get some scoring done of of Weaver. 

2:56 3-1 Angels top 5.

The Red Sox were down in the top of the 8th 6-3.  Ortiz hit a homerun to lead off the inning, and the Red Sox came back to tie it.  Youk missed a walkoff by 2 feet in the 9th, and then Ortiz won it with a single in the 11th.


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