July 31 – No deal

    The trading deadline ended at 2 PM today, and the Red Sox remained quite, much to the surprise of everybody.  After the Yankees aquired Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle, I was sure the Sox would do something.  Midday reports stated the Red Sox were pursuing Andruw Jones and Alfonso Soriano.  The Nationals decided not to part with Soriano, and Jones, who was not a hot topic amongst the rumors, was too pricey (Crisp, Lester, Hansen).
    The question is, will the return of Wells, followed by the ruturns of Wakefield and Clement, be enough to quell the suddenly decent Yankee pitching staff and unbelievable lineup?  Although a surprising amount of discussion has centered around Lidle as well as Abreu, I do not believe Lidle will be a difference-maker.  Granted, the Yankees #5 spot in the rotation was awful (Ponson), but Lidle’s ERA is north of 4.5, and the average pitcher transferring from the NL to the AL has allowed 1.5 runs per game more.  Even if Lidle does not struggle against the potent AL, he is 10-6 lifetime vs. the AL east (although he’s done well at Yankee Stadium).
    The Red Sox look to get the ball rolling again as Wells takes his first start in quite a long time.  He has made two starts this year, and has an ERA over 8.  If Wells shows up like his old self, the Red Sox might be able to start selling playoff tickets soon.  If not, well, we’ll just have to hope the entire Yankees lineup goes into an ARod-like slump.


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