August 2 – Red Sox face impressive Sowers

7:05 The Red Sox face Indian rookie Sowers who started the year in a funk, but has been nothing short of incredible in his last two starts.  Sowers has pitched two consecutive complete game shutouts, giving up just 5 hits in 18 innings.  Interestingly enough, Sower’s has only struck out 15 batters in 40 innings, and is not a ground ball specialist.  Why is he so successful?  Perhaps we will find out tonight.

7:20  Lester has given up a homerun, a triple, and a single.  Indians are ahead 2-0.  Lester also walked one, but picked him off.  The Indians add another run later in the inning to go up 3-0.  Hopefully Sowers is worse than advertised. 

7:37  Sower’s is a traditional lefty.  His fastball isn’t overpowering, his control is great, his slider is very good, and his curve ball is great.  Nobody has been able to get good wood on the ball.  His fastball broke in on Youkilis who hit a grounder to third, and Manny who hit a soft liner to left.  Loretta walked, and Ortiz struck out on a slider.

8:15 Lester has settled down, but Sowers has proved dominant.  Ortiz is up with a runner on on a 3-2 pitch.  Ortiz swings and misses; Youk is going on the pitch and is out by a mile: inning over.  End of the third, 3-0 Cleveland.

8:30 Sowers still going strong after 4, giving up just two hits.  3-0 Cleveland, top of the 5th.

8:46 Gonzalez sits on second after hitting a double, 2 outs, Youkilis hits a run-scoring double, and Loretta hits a single, making it 3-2 Cleveland.  Ortiz strikes out for the third time today.

9:07 Manny hits a homerun off reliver Bill Sikorski, and Pena follows it with a shot of his own after Lowell pops out.  4-3 Red Sox going to the top of the seventh.

9:35 Red Sox don’t score in the bottom of the seventh.  4-3 Red Sox, top of the 8th.

9:48 Travis Hafner hits a two-run homerun off Mike Timlin.  5-4 Indians, bottom of the 8th.

10:02 Ortiz strikes out for the fourth time today, and the Red Sox don’t score in the top of the 8th.

10:12 Paplbon works a scoreless ninth.  The Red Sox have one last chance in the bottom of the ninth, starting with Pena, Crisp, and Merabelli.

10:16 Pena and Crisp struck out, Merabelli was hit by a pitch.  Two outs, Gonzi up . . . and he gets hit by a pitch as well.

10:18 Youkilis draws a walk, Loretta up with the bases loaded.


The Yankees’ Chien-Ming Wang worked 8 scoreless innings, following his complete game shutout, as the Yankees win 7-2.  They remain percentage points ahead of the Red Sox.


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