August 12 – Wells pulls the Sox within 2

COCO!  Coco scores the games first run, and Wells has pitched well through the third as the    Sox lead the O’s 1-0.  Corey Lidle is getting hammered as the Angels lead the Yankees 3-0.

Bottom 3rd: Two walks to start off the bottom of the third, Manny chops a base hit into center scoring Loretta: 2-0 Sox. Hits for Lowell and Pena make it 4-0, and Lowens is gone.  Lowell steals third, and Javy Lopez then gets an RBI single: 5-0 Sox.  Gonzalez hits a triple and Loretta hits a single making it 8-0. Manny then strikes out to end the inning.

Top 4th: Orioles do not score as Willie Moe Pena throws out Conine at the plate.

Bottom 4th: With two on, Pena K’s for the second time and Lopez hits into another double play.
In 4 ABs with runners in scoring position, Lopez has grounded into a double play 3 times. Pena chased another curve out of the zone to strike out.

Top 5th: Wells gets Tejada to ground out and strands a runner at third.  8-0 Red Sox.

Bottom 5th: 1-2-3 inning.
Coco Crisp is now just 3-18 in his last 4 games after going on a 14 game tear in which he hit .362.  Coco remains tied with Luis Castillo for the AL lead in stolen bases since the all star break, with 8.

Top 6th: 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 6th: Big Papi hits a double but the Sox don’t score.

Top 7th: Did anybody else notice Jerry Remy’s half-cough half-laugh fit for the duration of the inning?  The Orioles get a run on a Brian Roberts double.  8-1 Red Sox.
David Wells has thrown 95 pitches in seven innings and given up 1 run.

Bottom 7th: Loretta drives in a run, 9-1 Red Sox.

Top 8th: Vladamir hits a homer to put the Angels up 7-3 (yeah for my fantasy team!), but ARod homers to pull the Yanks within 3.  Snyder relieves Wells and throws a scoreless inning.
Snyders ERA is now 5.72 after being above 8 earlier this season.  He has not given up a run since moving back to the bullpen (5.2 innings).  He struck out Gibbons looking on a nasty curve that came down from above Gibbon’s head into the strike zone to end the inning.

Bottom 8th: 1-2-3 inning, game moves to the ninth: 9-1 Sox.

Top 9th: Snyder back on the mound, gives up a homer to Corey Patterson but nothing more, as the Red Sox beat the Orioles 9-2.

It is unfortunate to be so happy about beating a team like the Orioles, but after getting swept by the Royals it is a relief to get the win.  The best part about the win is that everybody in the lineup had a hit, and Wells was fantastic. 

Wells lowers his ERA to 6.23, wins his first game of the year (finally!), and has now given up 2 ERs in his last 13 innings pitched.  As I said earlier, the Red Sox hopes rest on the emergence of one of their starters as a quality third pitcher, whether it be Lester,  Wells, Johnson, or Snyder.  Tonight, Wells proved that he may be the pitcher who will help Schilling and Beckett to carry the team into October.

NOTE: Manny extended his hitting streak to 26 games.

Around Baseball
Yankees lose, Twins get beat by the Jays, and the White Sox beat Detroit.  The Red Sox now trail the Yankees by two, and move to within 1/2 a game of the Twins in the wildcard, 2 games behind Chicago.  Toronto remains 5 games behind Boston.


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