Now I’m depressed and why I hate NESN

</p> <p>Now I’m depressed</p> <p>I won’t even comment about the outcome of the two games.  It wasn’t pretty.  Jason Johnson stinks.  We have learned to accept that.  John Lester, however, we were not prepared for.  Nobody thought John Lester would give up five runs in one inning, or that our bullpen was bad enough to give up seven runs in the seventh.

A few good things did result from the games yesterday, however.  One, the front office opened their eyes, realized that Rudy Seanez should never pitch another major league game, and designated him for assignment.  Two, Julian Tevarez realized the object of baseball wasn’t to see how many runs you can give up without being permanently utilized as a rookie league middle reliever, and pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings.

Another positive thing to be taken away from yesterday, is Eric Hinske.  Although he struggled in his second game, his first three at bats resulted in singles.  If Francona so chooses, he can create a 5 person platoon with Hinske, Pena, Youkilis, Lowell, and Loretta.  Also, Hinske showed in his rookie year that he does have more potential then .270, 15 HR, 60 RBI.  In his rookie year he hit 24 homers, and was voted the rookie of the year.

The fact that the Red Sox signed Hinske, who is not a free agent at the end of the year, seemingly proves that Trot Nixon will not be wearing a Boston uniform next year.  Wily Mo, Hinske, Trot, and Kapler would be an unreasonable amount of right-fielders.  Nixon is making 7.5 million this year, and will definitely not be signing for less than 5 next year.  It would make no sense to spend 5 million on a player who would be used as a defensive replacement/sometimes starter, especially when Kapler can already fill that role.

In other news, I officially hate NESN.  Third inning, two on, nobody out, middle of the Sox lineup at the plate, Yanks up by two, and Don Orsillo and Jery Remy take the time to interview a kid with a tumor (or something like that).  As much as I appreciate charities like the Jimmy Fund, I didn’t turn on the game to hear it.  I never thought I would say anything like this, but I think NESN has succeeded in making me stop caring about kids with brain tumors and young cance survivors.  NESN, heres a helpful hint: next time you choose to have a "Jimmy Fund Night," make it during May against the Kansas City Royals.  OR, rather than spending an entire inning on the topic, simply say a few words at the beggining of each inning, and CUT OUT THE **** INTERVIEWS.


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    The interviews are annoying. I just hit the mute and sometimes listen on weei until they are over. But still, having to watch them do the interview is hard in itself since I want to see the field, even if to watch the pitcher and hitter prepare for the next pitch

    As for the Jimmy Fund Night, they want to do an a night when ratings are peak, for obvious reasons, so KC is not an option.

    My suggestion is that NESN sacrifice one of their breaks between innings and do the interviews then, but this may cost them some change, and would have prevented the Red Sox from picking up a Bobby

    Abreau and Cory Lidle for the stretch run (oh, I forgot, that wasn’t us)

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