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August 12 – Wells pulls the Sox within 2

COCO!  Coco scores the games first run, and Wells has pitched well through the third as the    Sox lead the O’s 1-0.  Corey Lidle is getting hammered as the Angels lead the Yankees 3-0.

Bottom 3rd: Two walks to start off the bottom of the third, Manny chops a base hit into center scoring Loretta: 2-0 Sox. Hits for Lowell and Pena make it 4-0, and Lowens is gone.  Lowell steals third, and Javy Lopez then gets an RBI single: 5-0 Sox.  Gonzalez hits a triple and Loretta hits a single making it 8-0. Manny then strikes out to end the inning.

Top 4th: Orioles do not score as Willie Moe Pena throws out Conine at the plate.

Bottom 4th: With two on, Pena K’s for the second time and Lopez hits into another double play.
In 4 ABs with runners in scoring position, Lopez has grounded into a double play 3 times. Pena chased another curve out of the zone to strike out.

Top 5th: Wells gets Tejada to ground out and strands a runner at third.  8-0 Red Sox.

Bottom 5th: 1-2-3 inning.
Coco Crisp is now just 3-18 in his last 4 games after going on a 14 game tear in which he hit .362.  Coco remains tied with Luis Castillo for the AL lead in stolen bases since the all star break, with 8.

Top 6th: 1-2-3 inning.

Bottom 6th: Big Papi hits a double but the Sox don’t score.

Top 7th: Did anybody else notice Jerry Remy’s half-cough half-laugh fit for the duration of the inning?  The Orioles get a run on a Brian Roberts double.  8-1 Red Sox.
David Wells has thrown 95 pitches in seven innings and given up 1 run.

Bottom 7th: Loretta drives in a run, 9-1 Red Sox.

Top 8th: Vladamir hits a homer to put the Angels up 7-3 (yeah for my fantasy team!), but ARod homers to pull the Yanks within 3.  Snyder relieves Wells and throws a scoreless inning.
Snyders ERA is now 5.72 after being above 8 earlier this season.  He has not given up a run since moving back to the bullpen (5.2 innings).  He struck out Gibbons looking on a nasty curve that came down from above Gibbon’s head into the strike zone to end the inning.

Bottom 8th: 1-2-3 inning, game moves to the ninth: 9-1 Sox.

Top 9th: Snyder back on the mound, gives up a homer to Corey Patterson but nothing more, as the Red Sox beat the Orioles 9-2.

It is unfortunate to be so happy about beating a team like the Orioles, but after getting swept by the Royals it is a relief to get the win.  The best part about the win is that everybody in the lineup had a hit, and Wells was fantastic. 

Wells lowers his ERA to 6.23, wins his first game of the year (finally!), and has now given up 2 ERs in his last 13 innings pitched.  As I said earlier, the Red Sox hopes rest on the emergence of one of their starters as a quality third pitcher, whether it be Lester,  Wells, Johnson, or Snyder.  Tonight, Wells proved that he may be the pitcher who will help Schilling and Beckett to carry the team into October.

NOTE: Manny extended his hitting streak to 26 games.

Around Baseball
Yankees lose, Twins get beat by the Jays, and the White Sox beat Detroit.  The Red Sox now trail the Yankees by two, and move to within 1/2 a game of the Twins in the wildcard, 2 games behind Chicago.  Toronto remains 5 games behind Boston.


August 2 – Red Sox face impressive Sowers

7:05 The Red Sox face Indian rookie Sowers who started the year in a funk, but has been nothing short of incredible in his last two starts.  Sowers has pitched two consecutive complete game shutouts, giving up just 5 hits in 18 innings.  Interestingly enough, Sower’s has only struck out 15 batters in 40 innings, and is not a ground ball specialist.  Why is he so successful?  Perhaps we will find out tonight.

7:20  Lester has given up a homerun, a triple, and a single.  Indians are ahead 2-0.  Lester also walked one, but picked him off.  The Indians add another run later in the inning to go up 3-0.  Hopefully Sowers is worse than advertised. 

7:37  Sower’s is a traditional lefty.  His fastball isn’t overpowering, his control is great, his slider is very good, and his curve ball is great.  Nobody has been able to get good wood on the ball.  His fastball broke in on Youkilis who hit a grounder to third, and Manny who hit a soft liner to left.  Loretta walked, and Ortiz struck out on a slider.

8:15 Lester has settled down, but Sowers has proved dominant.  Ortiz is up with a runner on on a 3-2 pitch.  Ortiz swings and misses; Youk is going on the pitch and is out by a mile: inning over.  End of the third, 3-0 Cleveland.

8:30 Sowers still going strong after 4, giving up just two hits.  3-0 Cleveland, top of the 5th.

8:46 Gonzalez sits on second after hitting a double, 2 outs, Youkilis hits a run-scoring double, and Loretta hits a single, making it 3-2 Cleveland.  Ortiz strikes out for the third time today.

9:07 Manny hits a homerun off reliver Bill Sikorski, and Pena follows it with a shot of his own after Lowell pops out.  4-3 Red Sox going to the top of the seventh.

9:35 Red Sox don’t score in the bottom of the seventh.  4-3 Red Sox, top of the 8th.

9:48 Travis Hafner hits a two-run homerun off Mike Timlin.  5-4 Indians, bottom of the 8th.

10:02 Ortiz strikes out for the fourth time today, and the Red Sox don’t score in the top of the 8th.

10:12 Paplbon works a scoreless ninth.  The Red Sox have one last chance in the bottom of the ninth, starting with Pena, Crisp, and Merabelli.

10:16 Pena and Crisp struck out, Merabelli was hit by a pitch.  Two outs, Gonzi up . . . and he gets hit by a pitch as well.

10:18 Youkilis draws a walk, Loretta up with the bases loaded.


The Yankees’ Chien-Ming Wang worked 8 scoreless innings, following his complete game shutout, as the Yankees win 7-2.  They remain percentage points ahead of the Red Sox.

July 31 – Indians (Byrd 7-6 5.25) @ Red Sox (Wells 0-1, 8.06) 7:05

The Red Sox lost 2 out of 3 to the Angels, and now sit only one-half game ahead of the restocked Yankees, who have the day off.

9:18 So much for being a savior . . . David Wells gave up 8 runs in 4 and 2/3rd innings.  He was bailed out by . . . who else but Kyle Snyder?  Snyder was replaced by Wells in the rotation, and has pitched 1.1 innings, striking out the side in the 6th and helping to get out of the 4th without giving up a hit.  Luckily Ortiz and Ramirez have homered, and Crisp, who was nearly traded, has gone 2-2.  Pena has also hit a
homerun, as well as a triple, and had 3 RBIs.  8-6 Indians.

9:40 Still 8-6, bottom of the seventh.


73106_pena_homer_1By the way, Pena is a god – he is 3-3 in Nixon’s absence – and is a double shy of the cycle.

9:48 Bottom 8th, same score.  Snyders given up one hit in 3 1/3 innings.  Due up:  Merribelli,
Crisp, Pena.

10:07 Meribelli struck out, Crisp flied out to deep left, and Pena struck out.  End of the 8th, Red Sox down 8-6.

10:18 Bottom of the 9th, Sox down by 2.  The line on Snyder – 4.1 innings, one hit, no runs, no walks, 6 k’s.
    Cora leads off with a single, Youk up – count goes to 3 and 2, he fouls one off, and . . . BALL FOUR, misses low.  Two on, none out, two run game.  The Indians coach comes out and calls in his entire infield.  Loretta’s 1-4 today.  And . . . he pops up to the shortstop.

    And here comes Big Papi.  The crowd chants "M-V-P" as he takes the pitch inside.  The next one is outside.  Manny waits on deck as Big Papi digs in.  The 2-0 pitch . . .  SWING AND A DRIVE – DEEP TO CENTER FIELD! WAY BACK…… ITS GONE!  RED SOX WIN!  BIG PAPI STRIKES AGAIN!  WITH A THREE RUN HOMERUN IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 9TH, HE PUTS THE RED SOX ON TOP 9-8!



July 31 – No deal

    The trading deadline ended at 2 PM today, and the Red Sox remained quite, much to the surprise of everybody.  After the Yankees aquired Bobby Abreu and Corey Lidle, I was sure the Sox would do something.  Midday reports stated the Red Sox were pursuing Andruw Jones and Alfonso Soriano.  The Nationals decided not to part with Soriano, and Jones, who was not a hot topic amongst the rumors, was too pricey (Crisp, Lester, Hansen).
    The question is, will the return of Wells, followed by the ruturns of Wakefield and Clement, be enough to quell the suddenly decent Yankee pitching staff and unbelievable lineup?  Although a surprising amount of discussion has centered around Lidle as well as Abreu, I do not believe Lidle will be a difference-maker.  Granted, the Yankees #5 spot in the rotation was awful (Ponson), but Lidle’s ERA is north of 4.5, and the average pitcher transferring from the NL to the AL has allowed 1.5 runs per game more.  Even if Lidle does not struggle against the potent AL, he is 10-6 lifetime vs. the AL east (although he’s done well at Yankee Stadium).
    The Red Sox look to get the ball rolling again as Wells takes his first start in quite a long time.  He has made two starts this year, and has an ERA over 8.  If Wells shows up like his old self, the Red Sox might be able to start selling playoff tickets soon.  If not, well, we’ll just have to hope the entire Yankees lineup goes into an ARod-like slump.

June 29 – Angels (Weaver, 7-0, 1.15) @ Red Sox (Beckett 13-5, 4.77) 1:20 PM

1:19 The Red Sox get their first look at Jared Weaver, who has already become the first pitcher to win their first seven major league decisions.  The Red Sox pitcher, Josh Beckett, goes for win #14 today, and has posted a 4.77 ERA so far this year.  Weaver’s ERA is an outstanding 1.15.

1:57 2-1 Angels bottom of the second.  Hopefully we can get some scoring done of of Weaver. 

2:56 3-1 Angels top 5.

The Red Sox were down in the top of the 8th 6-3.  Ortiz hit a homerun to lead off the inning, and the Red Sox came back to tie it.  Youk missed a walkoff by 2 feet in the 9th, and then Ortiz won it with a single in the 11th.

July 28 – Angels (Escobar 6-9, 3.88) @ Red Sox (Lester 5-0, 3.04) 7:05 PM

6:43 Jon Lester tries to get the Red Sox back on track tonight, after getting hit hard in Oakland in
Jon_lesterhis last start. 
Second to Jonathon Papelbon as the Red Sox most promising rookie, Lester is 5-0 with a 3.04 ERA.  His opponent: Kelvim Escobar – 6-9, 3.88 ERA.  Escobar has given up 12 runs this year, which is one less than the Red Sox have hit in a week.

7:16 Game delayed for 1 hr.  Worst part about that is that I cannot watch NESN on mlb.tv because, on mlb.tv, I can watch the game, the whole game, and nothing but the game.

9:23 Lester and Escobar work scorless first innings.  Escobar strikes out the side and walks Papi, throwing 22 pitches.  Lester only throws 11.  Yankees winning 6-0 in 7th inning. 

9:47 Prior to the game, Jon Lester promised to reduce his pitch count.  In 3 innings, Lester has thrown only 35 pitches.

    Yankees won 6-0.

10:03 Guererro was caught leaning the wrong way and Lester picked him off.  Lester has now thrown 53 pitches in 4 innings (a little less than 13 per inning, or 120 in 9 innings).  Angels still lead 1-0.

10:35 What did I say about Coco Crisp?  Crisp hits a key double after Lowell strikes out and scores on Gonzo’s single.  Loretta grounds into a double play to end the innning, so the Red Sox only score 1.  1-1, Top 6.

10:45 It’s a pitching duel!  1-1 going to the bottom of the 6th, as Lester gets Juan Rivera to pop out to end the inning and strand runners at second and third.

11:00 Red Sox get a run on Manny‘s double on a hit and run after Ortiz gets an infield single.  Yes, you read that right.  Ortiz got an infield single, and Terry Francona put on a hit and run with him on first.  Manny lined one down the line in left to put the Sox up 2-1.

11:30 So much for all the young pitching talent…  Lester, Delcarmen, and Lopez all pitched in the bottom of the seventh, and gave up a total of 6 runs.  7-2 Angels.


Some Interesting Statistics

  • Ortiz SLG is over 1.000 in 33 ABs when he plays first base.
  • Manny is 17-34 vs. the Yankees with 5 HRs and a .581 OBP.
  • Beckett’s ERA vs. the Yankees is 10.80.
  • V-Tek’s OPS is .977 since the all star break.
  • No Yankee has gotten a hit off Papelbon (18 batters faced, 2 BB, 7 K).
  • Kyle Snyder has only issued five BBs, and four of them come in the fifth inning.  Batters are hitting .444 against him in the fifth, and .476 against him in the third.
  • Willie Moe Pena and Gabe Kapler both have slightly lower batting averages versus lefties than Nixon (.204 and .207 versus .213), and much higher averages versus righties (.394 and .389 versus .324).
  • Youkilis’s OBP is .528 with RISP and two outs in 40 ABs
  • ARod’s career OPS is .888.  Manny’s is 1.010
  • Jeter and Arod have committed a total of 27 errors.  The Red Sox’ entire starting lineup has committed 16 errors.
  • Youkilis has a higher OBP(.355) than SLG(.346) since the all star break